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Africa at the RUB - the African RUB

On the first Africa Day of the Rub on June 21, 2018, organized by the ZMS, the "African RUB" was launched. The "African RUB" is an informal association of RUB staff who in teaching, research and/or publications are concerned with topics related to Africa. "African RUB" is an attractive and unique framewojavascript:show_layer ('en', 1);rk for getting to know each other, exchanging ideas and experiences and working together in many ways – across all epochs, disciplines and faculties!
"African RUB" is meant to serve to make Africa visible at the RUB. With "African RUB" we want to network as people who are interested in Africa and present our work within the RUB as well as to a broader public. Each semester, joint evenings are organized at changing institutes and faculties, which serve the mutual exchange and the presentation of current or completed work and ongoing research projects.
The Center for Mediterranean Studies is pleased to host the meeting in the winter semester 2018/19. At an early stage, we will contact you to make an appointment.
All colleagues at the RUB concerned with Africa in one way or another are cordially invited to participate!

African RUB Associates

Dr. Brehl, Medard, Institut für Diaspora- und Genozidforschung

Fabian Brinkmann, MA, Mittelmeerstudien

Jun.-Prof. Dr. Christian Bunnenberg, Public History

Prof. Dr. Alexandra Cuffel, Religion des Judentums

Sophia Dege-Müller, MA, CERES/Jews East

Medard Djatou, MA, Anthropologie

Dr. Andreas Eckl, Mittelmeerstudien

Prof. Dr. Thomas Feldhoff, Geographie

Dr. Lassee Heerten, Transnationale Geschichte des 19. Jhd.

Prof. Dr. Sandra Maß, Transnationale Geschichte des 19. Jhd.

Dr. Ina Gankam Tambo, Sozialgeschichte des Aufwachsens

Prof. Dr. Adam Knobler, Religionsgeschichte

Prof. Dr. Markus Koller, Geschichte Türkei und Osmanisches Reich

Jun.Prof. Dr. Verena Krebs, Mittelalterliche Kulturräume und ihre Verpflechtungen

Bar Kribus, MA, Archäologie, CERES/Jews East

Dr. Sonja Magnavita, Archäologie

Prof. Dr. Helmut Maier, Umweltgeschichte

Prof. Dr. Ralph Tollrian, Evolutionsökologie und Biodiversität