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The Centre for Mediterranean Studies is partner of the following research projects:

Trieste, Ville d'Empire(s), XVième à XIXème Siècles

Like Hamburg, which it was often compared to by chroniclers, Trieste was a scene of power that developed its scope of action within the realm of the Holy Roman Empire. At the same time, the city was a contact zone that enabled the exchange of military and commercial knowledge.
The project aims at reproducing the history of the city beyond the grand narrative of the Freeport (1719) dominated by "groups", the matrix of national histories and conflicts of the 19th and 20th centuries. The PFR will bring together established researchers and doctoral students specialized in different historical fields (history of the Holy Roman Empire and Germany, the Habsburg Monarchy, the Mediterranean, economic history, history of the Jewish world) and/or working in other relevant disciplines (political science, communication, urban planning, etc.).


Cooperation Partners

The Centre for Mediterranean Studies cooperates with numerous universities and research facilities at home and abroad.