The Mediterranean Region as a Research Project

The Mediterranean connects and divides peoples, continents, religions, political systems and economic areas. Throughout the ages the region has been a constant source of inspiration in man’s search for knowledge and meaning. In recent years economic, political and demographic developments have lent the region increased significance. The aim of the Centre for Mediterranean Studies in the Ruhr University, Bochum is to address the issues and challenges posed by these developments and at the same time fill an academic gap:

It is the first academic institution in Germany which is dedicated to the cross-epochal study of social science and the humanities in this multi-layered contact zone between Africa, Asia and Europe.

Supported by the Federal Ministry for Research and Education the Centre for Mediterrranean Studies has created a platform from which to coordinate the activities of all Mediterranean scholars at the Ruhr University in Bochum and to connect them with national and international Mediterranean studies. The focus of research is on the humanities, cultural and social sciences, including geographical, natural and political sciences.
The research centre looks at the Mediterranean and the dynamics of the region in a new way; it has thus an important contribution to make to the establishment of Mediterranean Studies in Germany and indeed to the advancement of Area Studies in general.

The activities of the Centre include:

- Conferences and Early Career Workshops
- Research within the 4 Fields
- University Lectures and Seminars
- Publications
- Transdisciplinary Fields of Studies
- Guests Lectures
- Paneldiscussions

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