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Programme: 6th Young Researcher’s Workshop

2017/04/06: Here you can find the programme for the 6th Young Researcher's Workshop. We invite everybody who is interested to participate in the discussion.
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CfP: 6th Young Researcher’s Workshop

2017/02/06: For the sixth time the ZMS plans on bringing young researchers of different disciplines together in a workshop from 19. 04-11-17 until 04-13-17.
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Sir Noel Malcolm (Oxford): Agents of Empire

2016/09/28: Time: 6-8 pm
Location: GABF 04/711, RUB
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Mediterranean Rivers in Global Perspectives

2016/01/02: Recent debates on globalization and the spatial turn have increased the interest into the study of transnational regions and human-nature relationships. In this context, the Mediterranean is often regarded as a natural given. However, the global history has also changed and modified the idea of well-defined areas and cultures. Therefore the conference will regard the borders of the Mediterranean as flexible and situate the region within a global context. In order to further develop Mediterranean studies we propose an interdisciplinary and cross-epochal perspective, focusing on Mediterranean rivers and their People.
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