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Mobilities and Borders

2018/06/04: Workshop of the DFG-supported academic network "A Modern Mediterranean: Dynamics of a World Region, 1800-2000"
Istanbul, 21-24 June 2018
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CfP: Visions of the future

2018/02/01: Conference of the study group „Ottoman Europe“ (22.-24.11.2018)
Deadline for applications: 30 März 2018
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Database Ottoman Europe (HOE)

2018/01/16: The Chair for the History of the Ottoman Empire and Turkey (Prof. Dr. Markus Koller) and the University Library of the Ruhr-Universität Bochum have launched a Bibliographical Database of Historiography in Ottoman Europe (15th-18th Century).
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What Time was the Mediterranean?

2017/12/06: Diskussionsrunde im Rahmen des Mittelmeerforums
Mittwoch, 6. Dezember, 18-20 Uhr, ZMS, Am Bergbaumuseum 31, Seminarraum 2
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Lecture: Claiming Marseille Métropole 1906/2013

2017/11/20: Vortrag von Marlène de Saussure, Institut für Kunstwissenschaft und Historische Urbanistik
Center for Metropolitan Studies (Berlin) im Haus der Geschichte des Ruhrgebiets
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2017/11/13: Lecture: Verflochtene Weltregionen

2017/09/22: Session: Flight and Migration across the Mediterranean

2017/04/06: Programme: 6th Young Researcher’s Workshop

2017/02/06: CfP: 6th Young Researcher’s Workshop

2016/09/28: Sir Noel Malcolm (Oxford): Agents of Empire

2016/01/02: Mediterranean Rivers in Global Perspectives