Current news and events

Protocol on the general meeting

2021/01/06: On December 18, 2020 at 10 a.m., the general meeting took place via Zoom due to the pandemic. Fortunately, numerous members turned up despite these circumstances.

As managing director, Prof. Koller warmly welcomed those present and then informed the members present about ongoing research projects and personnel changes.

In addition, Prof. Jöchner proposed a “transliteration reading group”. This proposal was welcomed by members and will be followed up in the following period.
Finally, Dr. Mersch presented the student eJournal “Mare Nostrum”. "Mare Nostrum" is therefore listed on the ZMS homepage.

General meeting December 18th 2020

2020/11/25: We would like to invite the members to this year's ordinary general meeting on December 18, 2020 at 10:00 a.m. (s.t.). Due to the restrictions caused by Corona, the event will be carried out via ZOOM. We therefore ask you to register by e-mail by December 14, 2020 (

Access to the library

2020/10/13: Access to the library is currently only possible by appointment. The arrangement is made via the email address

2020/10/05: Dr. Margarita Voulgaropoulou new Junior Professor
Dr. Margarita Voulgaropoulou is a new Junior Professor. Her Research has the title "Cross-Cultural Encounters and Confessional Conflicts in the Early Modern Adriatic: The Evidence of Icon Painting."

Welcome, Dr. Voulgaropoulou!
2020/09/30: Kadir Yildirim new Research Fellow
Dr. Kadir Yildirim joins the ZMS starting from the October 1. His research project has the title “International Cooperation Against Anarchism: A Historical Network Analysis (1898-1913)”.

Welcome, Dr. Yildirim!
2020/09/28: Dr. Ioannis Zelepos new Research Fellow
Dr. Ioannis Zelepos joins the ZMS. His research project has the title "Revolution on the Mediterranean. A South European History of the Greek War of Independence 1821".

Welcome, Dr. Zelepos!
2020/03/17: Coronavirus (COVID-19)
The Center for Mediterranean Studies will remain closed until further notice as a result of the measures to fight the coronavirus (COVID-19). You can of course still contact us by email:
2020/03/10: Ahmet Gencturk new Research Fellow
There's a new doctoral Research Fellow at the Centre for Mediterranean Studies. As from February 2020 onwards, Ahmet Gencturk is working at the Center. Ahmet is Co-Tutelle Ph.D. Candidate from University of Tor Vergata Rome 2, Department of History, Humanities and Society, and Ruhr University Bochum, & Department of History.

His dissertation project is on "De-Mythizing the American Protestant Missions in the Near East: American Board Missions to Ottoman Greeks in the late 19th Century".

Welcome Ahmet!

2020/02/15: Kulturelle Dynamik und politische Stabilität
Ein öffentlicher Workshop als Veranstaltung der Alten Geschichte am Historischen Institut der Fakultät für Geschichtswissen-schaften in Kooperation mit dem Zentrum für Mittelmeerstudien der Ruhr-Universität Bochum.

Mit Beiträgen von Stefan Fraß (Bochum), Marian Helm (Münster), Dorothea Rohde (Bielefeld), Sophia Nomicos (Münster), Julia Hoffmann-Salz (Köln), Lennart Gilhaus (Bonn/Utrecht) und Simon Lentzsch (Bochum).

Am 15. Februar 2020. 10.00 bis 17.00 Uhr in Raum GABF 04/711.

Das detaillierte Programm als Flyer zum Download gibt es hier:
2020/02/05: Program: 8th Young Researcher's Workshop
The Centre for Mediterranean Studies is pleased to host the 8th Youth Workshop for Mediterraneanists with 10 presentations on February 5th and 6th.

The program to download is to be found below ("Read more").

Anybody of course is welcome to listen and join the discussion! A short registration in advance is welcome:

5/6. February 2020
ZMS, Am Bergbaumuseum 31, 44791 Bochum.
Seminar Room 1