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A Computer-Assisted Analysis of Turkish Foreign Policy towards Sub-Saharan Africa: Diachronic Topics and Networks (2002-2016)

The project ‚A computer-assisted analysis of Turkish foreign policy towards Sub-Saharan Africa: Diachronic topics and networks (2002-2016) deals with the changes in Turkish foreign policy after the coming into power of the AKP in 2002. While the debate whether these changes are merely a gradual realignment or a radical shift in Turkish foreign policy it can be stated that Turkish foreign policy was increasingly diversified after 2002 and is looking into new geopolitical spaces in the sense of ‘strategic depth’.
In this context a lot of research has been done about the specific developments of Turkish foreign policy in the Balkans, the Caucasus, Central Asia and the Middle East; however, the Turkish foreign policy in Sub-Saharan Africa, that first became a focus of Turkish foreign policy after 2002, is a still underdeveloped part of this research field. To grasp the structures of (foreign) policy developments in this space this project aims at an encompassing investigation of the discourses and (discursive) networks of actors in this policy field. Subject of this project are the analysis of the argumentations, rhetorics and discourse behind the new political engagement of Turkey in this region as well as the specific foci of these policies and the underlying interests.
To achieve this Structural Topic Modeling, a modern method from the field of computer-assisted textual statistics, will be operationalized. With this tool of the Digital Humanities the thematic structure of the discourses, the discursive networks between different actors and the diachronic and synchronic changes shall be looked at. As such, this project is also the attempt to develop a methodological framework for the statistical analysis of discourse structures.

Contact: Fabian Brinkmann

Completed Projects 2009-2016